Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Widow Wednesday--New Year Thoughts

Ever since Ray died the new year has had a different meaning. Every new year comes and I think, will this be my year? Will this be the year something feels different? That life finally feels like it is back on track? That I am not so lost? Will I finally find what I am meant to be doing?

Looking back on all the years since we have been on our own we have come so far. It is hard for me to actually see it until I do stop and think about it. When he died I was just at home taking care of the girls. Since then I have proudly built a photography business all on my own. All my clients are friends, family, and word of mouth customers and I am as busy as I can handle. I have found my place helping my friend with her Etsy shop (Privileged Door), creating wreaths. This blog, again another hobby, is growing!

When I stop and think, maybe I am finding my way. Maybe this is how things are meant to be. All of the things I have done since he died has afforded me to continue to be with the girls, which has been my ultimate goal. Maybe they are all leading to the bigger, better thing out there for me.

In the new year I hope to continue to grow in all three of these jobs/hobbies. I hope that my friends, family, and readers have a healthy, happy new year! That is always our prayer at night to be healthy and happy, because if you aren't those things you don't have anything.

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