Friday, July 16, 2021

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2021


I used to get so excited to thumb through the pages of the catalog, marking all the items on my wish list. The last few years the sale has left me unimpressed. It seems the same items are on sale (good if looking for staples) but lacking if looking to add new items or brands. This year it seems even some of the brands that are normally part of the sale aren't. 

The items also seem to lack quality. We purchased a pair of Uggs from the sale 2 years ago and after wearing once the whole toe was coming apart. We took them back to Nordstrom and the sale associate explained that Nordstrom makes a deal with the brands to buy x amount of the product at a discount and of lesser quality. This way they can offer them up at a discount for the sale. The items you are getting are actually not the same quality as the ones they normally have from the brand. Luckily they have a great return policy and we were able to exchange for a pair that weren't part of the sale (adding the difference). 

If you are willing to wait you can also find the items that don't sell discounted shortly after the sale at Nordstrom and then after that at Nordstrom Rack. I have been able to find some of the "hot" items for even cheaper after the sale has ended. 

Other retailers often discount items of their own around the time of the anniversary sale to compete. I often check Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Bloomindale's to name a few. 

I did put together a quick list of some of the items that I do own or plan to check out if you are interested in shopping the sale (click links above). I also did find some of the items in similar styles at other retailers (see below). 

Nordstrom True Bra      Target Tru Bra

For shoe brands on sale featuring Ugg, Sorel, Sperry: Shoe sale

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