Thursday, September 27, 2018

Old Navy Thank you Event--40%

Old Navy is definitely one of my go-to spots for shopping for our family, especially the girls. Prices are great, clothes hold up well, and style is usually on point. Whenever clients ask me what to wear for pictures they are also one of my stores I list as a place to look for pieces.

I became a Navyist card member just to take advantage of these extra savings a few years ago and I love the reward dollars that also come with being a cardholder. Another plus is the free shipping and return to store option. I will order multiple sizes sometimes and just return what doesn't work out. I have noticed that typically Old Navy is cheaper online so I tend to order online instead of shopping in the store or I use their new order online pick up in store option.

I am going to link some of the things that I purchased for the girls below or that I just love that are on my wish list! Some of them would be perfect for a fall photo shoot or holiday pictures!

Would you guys like a post on ladies, men's, or boys? Smaller sizes? Let me know! If there is interest I can definitely do a post!

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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Widow Wednesday--A club no one wants to be a part of

I am a very private person when it comes to my feelings and my personal life. I wasn't sure if this part of my life was something I wanted to share, but I remember when Ray was diagnosed and I scoured the bookstore, library, and internet for info on what to expect, what to do, etc. and found nothing. Most of the books were written by people at least twice my age. I felt like I was in this alone. No one understood. This was 8 years ago, so I am sure that things have changed and I would find way more information now but still feel like this is a part of me and something I have to share and hopefully someone else will connect with it.

As time has passed I have found it healing to connect with others that are in this "club". A club that no one ever expects to be in or wants to be in. I remember getting engaged and thinking how happy I was to never have to date again. To never have to be alone again. I remember marrying my husband and being so happy to have found my soulmate and person I was to spend my life with. You never expect all your hopes, dreams, and future instantly being taken away from you. No one else quite understands this besides others in the club.

I remember connecting with someone I was on a softball team with and meeting up to practice with her before the games. Just like me, she had two young daughters in tow. After knowing her for a few weeks, naturally we became Facebook friends. As I was scrolling through her Facebook I came upon a picture of a gravestone and wondered...are we in the same position? Next practice I asked her and found out her husband too had died of cancer leaving her alone with 2 young daughters. I felt an instant bond. I felt I could talk to her about things others couldn't and wouldn't understand. I was so grateful to have her as a friend and someone I could talk to that had been a part of the widow club for longer than me.

As time has passed other acquaintances have lost spouses and I have become friends with them. Lending an ear when they need it, or advice when they ask. Hoping I can be for them, what my friend has been for me. Someone that has experience through time with it. Everyone's journey is different though and everyone grieves differently, but it is so nice to have someone else to connect with along the journey. I hope that this portion of the blog is helpful to others that may be in this club or to someone that is trying to help or understand someone that is in this club. Every Wednesday I hope to share something widow related, tell a little of my story.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Officially Fall!

It is officially my season...Autumn!!! I love everything that fall brings. I made a trip to my favorite cider mill, Yates, on Friday before the weekend rush to stock up on some cider and donuts. They may or may not have been gone before the first official day of fall on Saturday ;) My Dad asked my girls the other day what their favorite things about fall are and Lily's wall plug-in scents and new fall clothes. I can tell she is my daughter haha. 

I love bringing out my new and old fall clothes, but it is so difficult sometimes to dress for the in-between weather. The cold mornings and evenings with warm afternoons. This dress is perfect for those days. I paired it with these booties (that are on clearance in store) and a hat for a comfy, casual look. I could also picture it paired with some sneakers for another casual look or with knee high boots for a more dressed up look. I was also picturing it layered with a sweater over it or with a vest. It would also be cute with tights under it or with leggings. So many possibilities! The material is super soft and cozy and I think that this will be in rotation this fall. 

Friday, September 21, 2018

Fall Plaids

Outfit (Vintage Simplicity Pattern 8185)//Fur Purse//Cord Boots//Jewelry Forever 21 in store

I am so excited about today's post! I absolutely love 60's and 70's style clothing and anything plaid. I was on the hunt for a plaid outfit (I love sets) and wasn't able to find anything. I started to look on etsy and ebay for vintage patterns and came across this 1960's pattern. It is a Simplicity pattern #8185. I immediately could picture the outfit in my head made with plaids. I headed to Hobby Lobby and picked up this plaid material and got to work.

The outfit took me a few days to make. It isn't perfect and I used lots of different sewing techniques that I wasn't used to doing. I mean let's face it, I pretty much only sew super easy things haha. The minute I put it on though, I was so proud! It was better than I imagined because I made it.

The last step in the outfit was styling it and finding a perfect spot to shoot pictures of it. I am obsessed with orange and always tell clients to style with texture, pattern, and pops of color when I do photoshoots. I had wanted a similar bag last year from Free People and couldn't justify the cost so when I came across this very similar one at Target I had to have it. I also tried these cord boots on a while ago at Forever 21 and decided to go back for them when I knew they would go perfect with the outfit. They are also a much cheaper dupe for some that Free People is carrying. This retro coffee shop in Detroit was also the perfect spot to shoot these photos.

Is there anything you ever made that you were super proud of because you couldn't find what you wanted? I would to hear! I know the last 2 posts were homemade outfits, but my next few posts are things that can be found in store so make sure to check back and leave me a message of things you would like to see or for me to cover.

Monday, September 17, 2018


Jacket (old-J Crew Factory)//Shoes (old-Zara)//headband (Target dollar bins)

Sometimes, you just can't find what you are looking for! Lily had been eyeing this fabric at Hobby Lobby for a while. I absolutely love camo and it definitely is making a splash this fall.  Then she found a pair of pants she wanted at her yoga studio. The pants were clearly too small, so I suggested we make them! I needed a pattern to make them so after scouring the books came up with Simplicity pattern # 8272. Yes, these are a pattern for pajamas but no one will ever know ;) After about 2 hours of work...tada! We decided not to hem the pants she liked the rolled, unfinished edges. Someone was super excited to wear these for gym today.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Perricone MD Multi-Action Overnight Intensive Firming Mask Review

I recently received this product to try out and was super excited. I wouldn't normally spend that much on a product I wasn't even sure I would see results from. The jar appears small, but a little goes a long way. I applied exactly as directed on the jar. As soon as I applied it I could feel a slight cooling sensation on my face. My kids can't stand the smell of the cream they said it smells like fish. I personally don't think it is terrible but I also am only going to sleep. In the morning my face is moisturized. I have only been using about a week so I can't comment on if it is doing anything for lines or elasticity. I don't have too many and they are very slight to begin with. I hope to be able to do a follow up post on this product after I finish the jar.

**After 2 weeks of use, my skin was breaking out and I had to discontinue use.