Thursday, September 3, 2020

Long overdue Laundry room reveal!!


Last fall my washer was leaking all over my laundry room floor. I had had issues with this washer and dryer since day one. They were ripping clothes, dying clothes other colors, etc. Every issue I had the company had an excuse and they were never fixed. I was told at one point I needed to run empty loads between my loads to clear the water so they didn't stain the next load. How does that even make sense!? Besides all the "extra issues" they also had the issues that all front loaders seem to have with smell and mold. 

I wasn't really planning to share this, so when I did the before pictures, I had already cleared a lot out of the room. When we moved in we never painted it and it still had the original builder's paint. I had also dropped the iron on the floor and melted the linoleum floor. This room was a catchall for everything in our house. Winter boots lined the wall and clothes hung, packed, across the wire racks on the "empty" wall. You could barely move in this room it was so full of junk. 

Once we removed the washer and dryer I decided I might as well paint the room to freshen it up. I like to paint and knew that wouldn't be an issue and I could do it myself. I knew it wouldn't be empty again for a long time to be able to do it. Once the paint was done I couldn't stop and ended up putting in a new floor. When I decided to do the floor I didn't want to spend a lot and wanted to do it myself. I am a single mom on a budget so I needed to make sure it was affordable. I had never installed a floor myself. 

I started researching floors and decided on a peel and stick flooring. I had found this flooring on Amazon and decided to give it a try. I had to order it multiple times because it kept getting lost before delivery. When I bought this flooring last year it was about half the price that you find it now. Apparently, in the last year, it was made very popular and it is hard to come by. The flooring is thick with a padded bottom. I read multiple reviews on the flooring and the one constant was that this floor doesn't match up in pattern, even if you buy the same lot and try to match them. I took every single tile out and tried to match them and they still didn't match up for me. The reviews did say that you can't notice it though once it is in and I have to agree. Unless I tell someone that the floor doesn't match they never notice. 

I washed the linoleum floor with normal floor soap and then again with TSP. I then started to lay the floor. I didn't remove the baseboards and caulked after along the edge. If I did it again I would have removed them. My cousin lent me a paper cutter and told me it is a huge time saver to do the edges. This saved me so much time and work. I linked one similar at the bottom of this post. I didn't have any issues with the floor sticking and it is still down good. 

Once the floor was in I decided to change the hardware to black and put in a new utility tub. This room has taken me quite a while to complete. I put in the new light to match the room since it was a builder's grade light in there before. If I had changed the hardware to black before I put in the light I probably would have put in a black one. The light I have also came in that option but I put the light in before deciding to change the hardware. 

I also had off-white moldings and doors (my whole house is that way) and they drive me crazy! They always look dirty and not bright. With the bright white ceiling and floor I decided to paint all the moldings. This led to a huge project of having to do everything on that end of the house to match. With the newly white moldings and door I also switched my blinds out to a pure white blind to match. 

I am so happy with how this room has turned out. Everything is so nice and clean and neat. It no longer holds all of our junk. I spend a lot of time in this room so it was important to me to clean it up and make it less cluttered. 


Paint is Behr paint from Home Depot, I can't remember the color name. I usually always have extra paint on hand in case of touch up and don't see any in my basement. I think it had silver in the name. 

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