Monday, February 25, 2019

Waiting on Spring--Tween Fashion

I was missing in action again on the blog since the girls were off school for mid-winter break. We spent one night in Frankenmuth for Summer's birthday, but mainly spent the week at home doing low key things. Summer is a homebody and prefers to be home, but Lily likes to be out and about like me. 

Since we were home I did find some time to shoot a few things I had been wanting to shoot for the blog with the girls. I frequently get asked where I shop or find things so I hope these posts are helpful for ideas on where to buy clothes for tweens. I am constantly finding cute things in the smaller sizes and it makes me so sad that they have outgrown that stage. 

My girls are complete opposite in terms of what they like to wear and will wear. Lily is my carefree little hippy child and loves to stand out and is unique in her style. I love shopping for her or with her because she is more like me. We prefer trendy items and pieces that others don't have. She was worried when one of her favorite stores opened in the area that other people would now be shopping there and she wouldn't be able to anymore. Luckily for her, I haven't seen many wearing her stuff and she has been safe. 

This outfit is totally her on a casual day. She has always loved Rolling Stones shirts (I think she just likes the tongue sticking out) so she had to have this one when she found it in her favorite store. Band shirts are a great graphic tee to layer or wear on a casual day and are seen everywhere right now. The exact one she is wearing is sold out from Zara, but I did find one to link that looks almost exact and some other band shirts.

As soon as we spotted these jeans online we had to order. I mean, they are flares and will be a great jean to transition into spring and summer with a sandal. So how could we not buy these?! 

These shoes are a Golden Goose dupe for girls. She was obsessed as soon as we found them online and we had to order. We ordered her normal size in these and she loves them. They come with another pair of laces if you want to switch them to a pair you can tie, but she loves that the sides zip and she can just throw them on and zip them up without tying. They had them in a few different styles, but she loves the glitter. We haven't had any issues with the glitter falling off.  

As I am sitting here typing this post thinking about how sad I am mid-winter break is already over, I can't help but be excited that in a month they will be off for spring break and we will be able to make more memories. Hopefully the weather will be getting warmer and I can start shooting some spring looks soon!

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