Monday, February 4, 2019

Spending the night class

*Cell phone pics because I accidently deleted all my pics I took that day :((

What is Spending The Night Class?

Spending the night class started after Ray died and my sister would come over every Wednesday and spend the night. Summer was obsessed with school and being the teacher and they would play school every Wednesday. They would plan crafts and activities to do every week, sometimes even going on field trips. This slowly evolved into holiday parties as well. 

Holiday Party Spending the Night Class

When a holiday comes around the girls plan a special class and do all holiday activities. They decorate and even dress for the holiday. They make special treats and even a few extra people usually show up. These are some of their favorite days of the year. 

Where We Shop for the Party?

We usually buy all our party supplies in the Target dollar bins or the Dollar Store. Sometimes Walmart has cute things too! We don't spend a lot of money on supplies it is more about having fun doing them. 

The Activities

We normally play bingo and have prizes. This is one of their favorite things! We buy cheap prizes and it is funny who ends up with what and how competitive it can get! Sometimes we will have other games too depending on what we can find that sounds fun. They usually have at least 1 craft project to do because everyone likes to craft and take something home. Pinterest is a great place to look for inspiration or sometimes just walking through the store something catches our eye to buy. For our Valentine's Day party we found some cute LOVE signs at the Dollar Store that we thought could be painted and decorated. They all turned out so different and everyone loved them! 


I think this is the other part everyone looks forward to...what the treat will be! Sometimes we will have homemade treats and other times we just buy them. Sometimes special drinks are involved in equally special glasses and straws! It all depends on what we find and decide on. 

After Ray died I stopped throwing parties for the girl's birthdays because it was just too much work or me. I gave them a choice between going someplace for their birthday or having a party and they always chose the vacation. I think it is better money spent as well as more memories. I know in 10 years they probably won't remember who was at their 11th birthday, but will remember they went to California, etc. I always spent my birthday on vacation and have the best memories. I know that these spending the night class memories are also something they will never forget.

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