Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Nordstrom Sale 2020

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Nordstrom anniversary sale is here and if you follow my stories or read my blog last year you know I have mixed feelings about this sale. I used to LOVE this sale. I would get the catalog and circle the items I loved and anxiously await when I could purchase them. The last few years I have felt the items offered aren't great and the quality is subpar to normal Nordstrom items. 

Last year Lily got a pair of UGGs and after wearing them twice they started unraveling along the top of the boot. We took them back to the store and the salesperson told us that Nordstrom buys large quantities of items from the different brands, they make them for cheaper, but at a cheaper quality. Luckily, Nordstrom is good about returns/exchanges and we were able to put the purchase amount toward a new pair. 

In the past I have picked up new UGGs for the girls, Hunters, Nikes, and other items that they like that don't normally go on sale. Zella is also a brand I have bought in the past as well as North Face and Patagonia. I have found though that the Zella quality is on par with the same ones offered at Nordstrom Rack and are a similar price point. Denim I also have found the same. 

During the sale I have also found other retailers offering good deals to compete. Make sure to check similar stores (ex: Bloomingdales) for price matching and deals. Nordstrom Rack also gets anything that doesn't seem to sell at the sale. We have found a lot of the merchandise before school even starts at the Rack. So if it isn't something "you have to have" just wait. Last year I found very similar items at other retailers similarly priced or even cheaper and did a blog post on it. 

The girls and I went to Somerset today and browsed to see how they had. The anniversary sale was setup throughout the store and unlike in years past, no curtains up around it. They had a ton of shoes, but not a ton of anything else. Maybe they will set more up tonight since the sale starts tomorrow based on status. 

I did link a few things that I have bought in the past of we happened to see today that we liked. The girls spotted the leopard Hunter boots immediately and both asked for a pair.  I saw a bunch of P448 brand sneakers, which I personally love are part of the sale. The normal Zella leggings, as well as Spanx for kids we added to our wish list. 

What are your thoughts on this sale? Will you be shopping? What are you shopping for?

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