Thursday, September 27, 2018

Old Navy Thank you Event--40%

Old Navy is definitely one of my go-to spots for shopping for our family, especially the girls. Prices are great, clothes hold up well, and style is usually on point. Whenever clients ask me what to wear for pictures they are also one of my stores I list as a place to look for pieces.

I became a Navyist card member just to take advantage of these extra savings a few years ago and I love the reward dollars that also come with being a cardholder. Another plus is the free shipping and return to store option. I will order multiple sizes sometimes and just return what doesn't work out. I have noticed that typically Old Navy is cheaper online so I tend to order online instead of shopping in the store or I use their new order online pick up in store option.

I am going to link some of the things that I purchased for the girls below or that I just love that are on my wish list! Some of them would be perfect for a fall photo shoot or holiday pictures!

Would you guys like a post on ladies, men's, or boys? Smaller sizes? Let me know! If there is interest I can definitely do a post!

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