Monday, January 7, 2019

Not a sneaker girl...until I tried these!

So, what is all the hype about Golden Goose sneakers? Are they really worth it!? Before our trip to California last year I decided to splurge on a pair and see if they really are that good. Let me tell you...I am hooked!

Golden Goose Sneakers

I am not much of a sneaker girl, so I was hesitant to buy these. What could really be that great about them? Well, let me tell you! They are made of super soft leather and are so cushiony. I have worn them to King's Island, all over California, and just day to day and they haven't disappointed. I actually don't mind wearing sneakers day to day now. They go with everything and since they have the destructed look already I don't mind wearing them even to places they might get a little dirty. 

 I am linking a few pairs below at a few different retailers. Mine are from last year, so I couldn't find the exact pair to link.


While I was browsing one of the retailers I like to shop at, I found some pretty decent looking dupes that had great reviews. It had me pretty curious to see if they really are that good. I decided to order a pair to see. Usually you get what you pay for, so I was pleasantly surprised when they came and are nicer than I imagined. They are almost as comfortable as my Golden Goose pair. They have a lot of cushion in them just like the other pair. The stitching on the shoe is actually stitched, I was expecting a cheap rubber imprint. These actually look less destressed than my Golden Goose. The only part that isn't as nice, where they should be leather they are a plastic material. All in all they are a very nice shoe and they will be in rotation. So if you are looking for the look, without the price, these definitely are a great option. 

I am linking the ones I bought below, as well as a few other pairs that I like. 

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