Monday, March 25, 2019

Spring Hair with Kimi K Salon and Spa

 Before with no makeup and straight hair!

I am so excited to share this fun project I got to be a part of with Kimi K Salon and Spa in Downtown Rochester! They asked if I would be a hair model for a spring style shoot they were part of for the local Rochester magazine. 

I plan to do a whole hair post soon, but for those that don't know I have been going to this salon for years. Jeni has made me blonde, dark, cut it short, put in extensions, you name it I have probably had it done! I have super thick hair that grows pretty fast, so I like to change it up often! 

I had really short notice on the shoot so I didn't have time to get my color touched up and right now I am in between my darker winter hair and my summer blonde. Anyone else hate that hair stage? I just want to be blonde again! The goal of the shoot was to create a spring hair style and braids are very in right now. Jeni decided to do curls with a sweeping braid across the front. This style looks so pretty and I think I can even recreate this on my own at home! It has such a boho vibe, which if you know me is right up my alley. 

The whole experience was so fun and I can't wait to see what the final photo looks like in the magazine. I will post it to my Instagram as soon as it is published! If you don't follow me on Instagram my handle is youngwidowedstylishmama if you want to follow along. I post a lot of style content on my Instagram that is all shoppable through the liketoknowit app!

**I want to thank Jeni Jubb at Kimi K Salon and Spa for the hair! It turned out amazing as usual. 

My tunic is Zara, shoes are Vici Collection, and my jeans are Abercrombie. 


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