Monday, March 11, 2019

Privileged Door

I have worked for my friend for quite a few years now creating with her for her Etsy shop called Privileged Door. Everything is handmade and put together. Her husband hand cuts all the wood bases and we finish the rest.

When I started working for her I was only doing the moss covered wreaths. Surprisingly, the biggest seller are Shamrocks! We would literally work day and night trying to send out all the orders. Now I am also working on pip berry and boxwood wreaths.

These wreaths are truly designed with so much attention to detail and care. As I mentioned earlier everything is handmade even the bases. Each one is different and unique since they are handmade. Both of us are perfectionists and spend a great deal of time making sure they look amazing before they are shipped. They are rustic and beautiful classic wreaths. Each holiday has its own collection and they can be personalized for weddings décor!

I am going to link some of my favorite or best sellers below! Just click photo to shop!