Monday, September 23, 2019

Happy 1st birthday to my blog!

I did it! The blog has made it a year. Have I had gaps in posting? Yep, but I still made it! I have accomplished so much in this year too. I started this blog as basically a creative outlet and to put into words some of what I went through with Ray's cancer journey. Most people have said I was never really verbal about what the journey was like and what we actually experienced. I have gotten countless messages from people thanking me for sharing and that it in some way helped them or touched their own life.

When Love What Matters printed my story I connected with so many people that have gone through the same journey or just wanted to show support. Through the story being published members of a group that all have the gene found me and invited me to join their online group and I have learned invaluable information from them. This in itself was worth writing this blog.

The outfit sharing is a creative outlet for me. I love to style outfits and shop to find cute things or great deals. I love to dress myself and my girls. This part of the blog is most fun for me. Writing the Widow Wednesday posts leave me in tears quite often (as I have heard it does to the readers as well) so these are the posts I can have fun with. From finding the outfit, to styling it, finding the perfect location to shoot, and then writing the post it is time consuming but something I enjoy doing.

A huge goal for any blogger is to become a Rewardstyle and/or Shopstyle blogger and I achieved both this year! I never in a million years expected to be accepted so it was a huge surprise to me, usually you need large follower numbers and I have a small following but very loyal. I have built this end of my blog by staying true to me and products I believe in and truly love. My next goal is to build this into something more people find and read and continue to support me through using my links to shop (yes, I make a small commission when you do!)

If you have been reading here since the beginning or anywhere in between...THANK YOU! You have pushed me outside my comfort zone to share things I wouldn't normally share and given me an outlet for my creativity.

Outfit linked below as well as similar shoes (mine are old)

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