Monday, November 5, 2018

What to wear to cheer on your favorite team!

In Michigan, we are a huge sport's state. I am sure everyone owns at least one item supporting a team. Growing up we were huge Michigan fans. My Dad graduated from U of M and had season tickets for 40 years and then I went to U of M and had season tickets. Every Saturday meant throwing on our Michigan gear and heading to the game or cheering them on in front of the tv. As I got older I wanted items that could be worn to other events but still supported our team or the game. I now own lots of just Detroit gear that I can wear to any of the games I go to.

I found this outfit while browsing Target one day. I love the sports theme, but it doesn't scream one team. Maybe a good outfit to wear to an away game to avoid heckling haha. It can be worn for college or NFL games. I paired it with my favorite denim from Nordstrom. They have just the right amount of stretch. The shoes were online only but of course I loved the leopard print so I scooped them up. I always had to run to and from the stadium to keep up with my Dad and his long legs, so comfortable shoes were a must. These shoes would have been perfect for those days! I also wear leopard as a pop to outfits, so these shoes will be worn with lots of different outfits to give it a little something more.

What do you prefer to wear to a game? Do you like team items or more versatile ones?

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