Friday, November 9, 2018

Thanksgiving Outfit

Ok, before I even talk about the outfit can I talk about the photos!? Summer took these! My little 11 year old. She even chose the angles etc. to shoot. I didn't even direct her! I needed to do a post and she had 1/2 a day at school, so I asked if she would shoot a few. Not expecting much, we set out to take them before I did a little boy's session in the location. I couldn't believe when I uploaded them what a great job she did! Maybe I should hire her?

Onto the outfit. I wanted something comfortable, but still a bit dressy. I had to have something WARM because I am always freezing. This outfit fits the bill and can also be worn on other days and not just Thanksgiving. It would be a perfect outfit for work or a night out. The pants and top are made of a super soft fabric and are warm. I like that the turtleneck is fitted and can be tucked into the pants and have worn it with other pants. I actually sized up in the pants so I had a little extra room to tuck (or maybe room for desserts?) and for them to hang a little. My normal size fit perfectly. I had the outfit paired with black heels and a black leather jacket for a classier look, but when I took the pictures I actually had on my Zara slip on furry flats. I think they made the outfit more comfortable and less dressy.

Do you have any plans for Thanksgiving? How do you prefer to dress? I will do a post next week with my outfit from last year since the pieces are still in store.

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