Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Stomach cancer awareness month

This month is stomach cancer awareness month so I wanted to take time to give statistics, warning signs, and also how this has impacted our family. Over the next few posts I hope to bring some awareness to this disease.

If you are like me, stomach cancer wasn't a cancer I had even heard of. It is the 3rd leading cause of all cancer deaths and the 5th most common worldwide, yet I had never really heard of it. When Ray was diagnosed there were so many questions, the obvious being why? and how? Did he do something to cause this? Luckily, this was answered for the family. The answer came months after he had already passed. This is one thing I had always wished he had known. I will cover all that in another post.

Today's post I just wanted to bring awareness to it and give some statistics. Next week's post I will give some of the warning signs. I wish we had known them and knew what to ask for when he was in and out of the doctor's appointments. That may have made a difference in the outcome. Not being in the typical age range of a person to be diagnosed, the opportunity was missed to be accurately diagnosed in the earlier stages. I plan to do a post on how the disease still impacts our family and can in the future.

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