Monday, October 8, 2018

Halloween Costume Reveal!

I was torn if I wanted to share before Halloween, but then thought maybe others are looking for inspiration. Every year the girls have an idea about what they want to be a whole year ahead. Some years they have coordinated costumes to match a theme, others they just picked out a costume. The years that they have coordinated we rotated who got to pick the theme to be fair.

This year was a little different. Lily had decided she wanted to be Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl character) and Summer a bank robber. They told my brother over lunch one day, and he told them they always have cool costumes they needed to up their game! Thanks Uncle Mike, guess who has to put the time into these "cool" costumes!? After much thought and some pinteresting by Summer, they decided on the Grinch and an Elf on the Shelf.

For the Grinch we ordered a Santa jacket and bought the hat and mask. We ran to Joanns to buy green fur and I sewed the pants, gloves, elf shoes, and attached all the fur to the mask and hat. Green fur was all over our house till it was completed...what a mess...but so worth it!

The Elf on the Shelf we pulled inspiration from pinterest to put the costume together. I bought her leggings and a red shirt and sewed her the white skirt, shoe covers, and gloves by making up my own patterns. The Elf on the Shelf website had a tutorial for making the collar. I ordered a cardboard fireplace online and after putting it together staple gunned wood to the bottom and added wheels for it to move. We bought dollar store decorations to add to the fireplace. The tights are stuffed with batting to look like legs. It was worth all the work when it was done because Summer is thrilled with her costume.

I decided to add a few other pictures to this post of costumes they have worn in the past just for fun!

Last year in a homemade Cousin It and Wednesday costume

 Lily's favorite Disney character...Alice! Summer rocked the Mad Hatter, she has the perfect hair for it.

What happened to Old Navy selling cute, warm costumes? These were a go-to for us when they were little!

Thanks to my cousin for letting us borrow the Dorothy costume that she had sewn many years before!

Can you tell someone loves the Grinch? I have been told Lily comes up in searches for Cindy Lou Who online! We put her whole costume together by scouring the internet for pieces that looked like what she wore in the movie. She even won a costume contest from the company we ordered the wig from. My little Summer was an adorable chef in her dance costume from the year before. 


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