Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Stomach Cancer Awareness Month

November is stomach cancer awareness month and I will never stop providing information to others in hopes that it helps save someone else from going through what our family did.

No one ever expects to hear cancer and now it seems more and more young people are being diagnosed. I often wonder why this is? Is it the power of social media and just hearing about it more? Is it the chemicals all around us? Whatever it is, I see news of people being diagnosed all the time.

When Ray was sick we didn't hear of stomach cancer. Everyone would hear about breast cancer, but stomach cancer was unknown (at least to us). If maybe we had known what the symptoms were, what it took to diagnosis it maybe we would have caught it earlier. Stomach cancer is usually not found until it is pretty progressed so it may not have mattered.

The one thing I tell everyone is be your own advocate. He went to doctor after doctor thinking they were doing what they needed to do, but not getting any better. Tests were being done and he continued to feel worse. If we had known what test needed to be done maybe it would have made a difference? So much time was wasted on unnecessary tests and drugs prescribed.

I can't bring Ray back but I can educate anyone that will listen and hopefully it reaches someone that needs to hear it.

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