Saturday, November 16, 2019

12 days of LTK--Day 1

If you haven't downloaded the app yet, you need to! It is the easiest way to shop and find products. Unlike Pinterest where you find the perfect outfit and click the link to only end up at a dead end, this takes you right to the product. It isn't just for fashion you can search home décor and products as well. You can follow your favorite influencers or just do a general scroll or by search terms. My name on the app is youngwidowedstylishmama so head over and give me a follow! I do make a small commission on the purchases made through the links and it also helps me know what people actually like and are clicking on that I post.

For the next 12 days LTK is going to have exclusive sales for people in the app. Today starts day 1 with one of my favorite stores from when the girls were little. They pretty much exclusively wore clothing from this brand. I couldn't get enough of the warm, cozy outfits.

Even today we still buy their pajamas. Lily is obsessed with one piece footed pajamas and this is one of the only brands that carries them.

Head over to the SHOP MY LOOKS tab on top of this blog page to take you to my page and shop all my picks as well as find out today's promotion for this brand or just hop over to the app!

Don't forget to stop by daily to see the other sales that are going to be going on!

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