Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Maybe wearing yellow will bring out the sun? Spring jumsuit and vintage boho bag review

The girls and I spent a few days in Chicago last week, so I didn't do any posts. We have been there plenty of times, but normally go into the city just to shop and stay in the suburbs. This time we spent the whole time downtown and did the touristy things we have never done before. We had a blast besides it being a little cold and rainy. 

We came home to two nice days of warmer weather, so I finally had a chance to shoot this jumpsuit. I bought it a while ago and since then it has gone on clearance and when I went to link it today it is almost sold out. I still decided to shoot it anyways because it is adorable on and linked a few similar options. 

I love bright colors for spring! This yellow jumpsuit caught my eye and I knew just what I would pair it with. I tend to wear a lot of jumpsuits and rompers. I love that they are easy and put together, but comfortable. I paired it with my white denim coat since it was cooler when I was shooting this look. The hat is an Amazon purchase. I love that it has adjustable strings in it to make it tighter. I couldn't link the shoes they are from Vici and no longer on the site. 

I also wanted to answer a few questions on my bag in this post since I have been getting quite a few about it. My bag is a Louis that I have owned for quite a while. I threw it in the back of my closet when the tie closure finally snapped after being tied one too many times. The bag is very worn (I tend to be rough on my bags and don't change them often). I had looked into just buying a new tie and another suggestion had been to get a scarf to tie through it. Then I came across vintage boho bags website. They revamp bags to resell or you can send yours to them to have redone. They sell bags all the time on their site and then a few times a year do a sale. I happened to catch them on a sale day and the bags sold out in seconds. In order to do a revamp you send them pictures of your bag and tell them what you want done. They send you back a quote and you can add or take off options. You also can pick the color of leather you want them to use. Once you finalize all your options they send you a final invoice to pay and instructions on how to mail it. I mailed mine at the post office with insurance on it. They tell you it takes about 3 weeks and I think mine took every day of that. I am so happy with how it turned out. I constantly get compliments on my bag and I wish I would have had the top braided too (I took that option off due to price and not sure how it would turn it). 

Now off to enjoy the rest of this beautiful weather today since I already see snow back in the weather app for later in the week!

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