Friday, December 28, 2018

Last Party of the year!

I can't believe Christmas is already over! It seemed to come and go so fast. Summer ended up being sick on Christmas Eve night and I was up till 3 am taking care of her. Luckily, she bounced back quickly on Christmas Day and so far Lily and I have not gotten it. The last few days have been filled with cleaning and disinfecting the entire house.

We aren't quite sure yet what we are going to do on New Year's Eve. Most of the time the girls and I lay low because I don't like to be on the roads with the partiers. I just feel safer at home. I did see this outfit though that would be perfect if we did decide to head out and wanted to share.

This dress is so flattering! I love the ruche detail on the front of this dress. Between the ruche detail and the satin material I think the dress is so flattering.

When I purchased this dress and was browsing the site I came across these boots that are so fun! Who doesn't love a little sparkle on New Years? It is breaks up the all black look. I also found this pair that are equally as fun.

Anyone have any super fun plans for New Year's Eve? Do you stay in or normally go out? I personally will probably be in these and in bed by ten!

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