Friday, August 31, 2018

Back to School (Summer Takeover)

The girls have asked what I plan to write...and honestly, I don't know. They asked if they could help out and write sometimes too. I told them that is an awesome idea! So today Summer is taking over the blog to post about back to school.

"Hey girl, hey!" this is Summer. This is my first year as a Middle Schooler. I may be the only kid that is excited to go back to school every year! Well, for the most part! Like all kids I`m nervous about some things and excited about other things. The only thing I`m nervous about is getting lost in-between classes. My mom bought me a lock at the beginning of the summer so I could practice.  I thought I was horrible at it, but who knows the saying "Practice Makes Perfect", well in that case it did. Now I'm a pro. I was a little nervous thinking about will I have my friends from last year or will I make new friends? Needless to say, I have my friend Jaqueline from last year 2 lockers down and my friend from church's best friend right next to me . One thing that made me even more excited is that I have a teacher I know that will be my teacher. My matching back pack and lunch bag made me even more excited about going back . My wish for this year is that make lots of friends and get good grades! READY OR NOT Middle School HERE I COME!

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