Saturday, August 25, 2018

After School Activities

With back to school also comes back to all the after school activities. Last year the girls did sewing, dance, and yoga. This year we are taking sewing out of the equation, not because they didn't love it but because I am trying to simplify our life.

This year for dance they decided to only do musical theater, jazz, and lyrical. Two of these are new for them! They have danced since they were 2 at the same place I danced when I was little. It is fun being back in the same studio.

Only Lily goes to yoga, but she absolutely loves it!  Lily asked for quite a while to do yoga and everything I found the parents also had to be part of the class. I do not do yoga and Summer also wasn't interested in attending. This studio was a perfect fit and offered something no one else did...aerial. She has been attending a few years and even Summer has gone to some camps.

With all these activities is the need for new athletic wear. We found a great deal at Old Navy and stocked up on some stuff for them to wear! For the next 2 days they have 50% off all athletic wear for the whole family! I even purchased myself a few things. They can also probably get away with wearing them to school which is also a plus. I am going to link some of the items we purchased.

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