Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Master Bathroom Update: Boho Bathroom

Before (I had thought about doing "before" pictures after I started working, so it is really a mess):

After (So clean and bright!):

I am finally ready to share one of the projects I have been working on. Anyone else feel like projects take forever to be completed because you have a vision and can't find what you are looking for to complete it? Whenever I do a room it takes me a while to piece things together. I am not someone that walks into a store and immediately knows what I want. It seems I find one thing and it builds off that.

If you would have asked me a few months ago which room I would want to gut and totally redo I would have said my master. When we moved in I hated the high ceiling in there and how large and cold it made the room feel. I had the painter paint the room all one dark color to close it in. At the time I had a spa like theme in mind and it worked for years, but now it was starting to wear on me. It felt dark and dirty. I had a break when the girls went back to school after the holidays with no photo shoots or wreaths to work on and a few cans of extra paint in the basement. I decided to just paint and it kind of went from there. I used paint that we had had down there from my basement bathroom and it looks completely different in my upstairs bathroom. Since the room is brighter (windows and large) it is a much lighter color than in the basement. I changed the ceilings to a bright white and once that was done decided I wanted something bold on the one wall.

I had been intrigued by the wallpaper at Target and felt this was a good place to try it out. I have always loved palm print and it went well with the coral walls. I decided to try the peel and stick wallpaper. It was actually easier to apply than I had expected. I rolled the wallpaper out on my kitchen floor, measured the length of the wall and then cut the pieces. I then lined up the wallpaper pattern to make the next cut. I left extra on the bottom of each one I cut and trimmed it off once the paper was on the wall. I was able to do all of this on my own, no help was necessary. The wallpaper is removable which made putting it on a little easier. If it wasn't quite lining up you just pull it off and redo.

Once the wall was done I felt it needed something to break up the pattern and began my search for something on the wall. I found the basket to hang and originally ordered it in the small size but it was too small so I exchanged it for the large one. Once that was on the wall, the wall next to the tub looked way too plain. I found the hanging plants first and then happened to walk into Hobby Lobby during a 50% off wall art sale and found the perfect prints to put between the plants.

My hardest challenge in this room was probably the rugs. I must have bought and returned 10 different rugs. My vanity is an odd size with the wall next to it, so I had to have something 5ft in length and most are 4 or 6. I also didn't want a plain rug, they just didn't look right when I tried them. Finally, after a long search, I came upon this one and it was better than I could have imagined. It is made of a washable material and super absorbent, as well as thick and soft.

A room that I had once wanted to completely gut because I hated everything about, even the tile, I now love everything about. I was able to keep a lot of the stuff that was in that room in there after it was done because it still matched. This was a fairly inexpensive update for me. If I would have done what I originally had wanted to do it would have been very expensive.

I am linking all the products that I can below
Wall color is Comical Coral from Sherwin Williams
Most of the art and mirror are Hobby Lobby, the rest linked below
The towel holder and hamper are both very old IKEA

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