Thursday, July 11, 2019

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Honest Opinion and a few tips!

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here and I am going to give my honest opinion on this sale. Part of being a blogger is being honest and true about products, stores, etc. So here goes!

What is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and What Makes it so Popular?

What makes this sale so popular is that it includes items that are for fall. The items are marked down for the sale and then the price increases after the sale. The items are usually a good representation of what is going to be in style for fall. It also includes a lot of basics and name brands that rarely go on sale. Part of what makes it so popular is all the hype from bloggers.

Who Can Shop and When?

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opens to Icon and Ambassador members starting today 12:30 pm ET. Your status is based on your yearly spending at Nordstrom and cardmembers get advanced access to the sale. To find out your status log into your Nordstrom credit account and it will tell you. All card members gain access on the 12th at 12:30 pm ET and public can shop on the 19th. The sales lasts till August 5th when prices go up. You can apply now for a card to gain access. A lot of items DO SELL OUT during presale, but are often restocked during the sale. A TIP- if you see something you want and your size isn't available you can always exchange it later (even after the sale) if your size does come in.

My Opinion

So I used to be a HUGE lover of this sale. I would get the catalog in the mail and circle all the items I wanted to look at once the sale actually started. I would have TONS of items circled from stuff for myself to things for the girls. The last few years I have been underwhelmed with the selection offered. I haven't seen much that I can't find someplace else on a deal. Another TIP- most other retailers will also price match this sale. If you find something you like try another retailer they may be offering a similar selection at the same price. Nordstrom also does this throughout the year when it's competitors have a sale.

The catalog has been extremely small the last few years and I haven't found much to be excited about in it. I have seen bloggers that pre-shopped the sale and leave with bags full. A lot of the items I didn't see in the catalog so maybe the selection will be better once it is online and live. The kid's selection in the catalog was a one page spread this year. This is a time when I usually stock up on the items that don't go on sale for them ex: North Face fleeces, Ugg boots, Nike shoes for school I didn't really see much even promoted.

I also usually stock up on items for myself like Zella leggings, Hunter boots, Uggs, cardigans, etc. You can only own so many of these items though. I plan to look and see what is offered but like the popular leopard cardigan I see all the bloggers snatching up right now, I found it at Nordstrom Rack last year. Speaking of Nordstrom Rack another TIP I found a lot of what didn't sell from the Anniversary Sale last year at the Rack shortly after the sale! If you have one close you definitely should check it out.

A Question from Instagram

I have had people message me wondering how I get "credit" if they buy something. I do get a small commission on items purchased through my links. If you link through me on the tab I inserted above that takes you to the sale and anything you purchase from that visit I get "credit" for. You don't have to purchase anything I even actually linked, it just has to be a purchase from that retailer and I have to be the last person you linked from. I also receive "credit" if you shop through my links. I am incredibly grateful for those of you that do and have linked through me. This not only lets the company know that you value what I post but also me. It also lets me know what stores you enjoy and items.

So this is my general opinion and few tips for the sale! I will be putting together some of my picks once the sale does open. I might do a sneak peek on stories if I do make it do the store soon as well!

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